How best to protect your company’s website

Be certain that you own the copyright in your website

Whether you own rights in your website design and content will depend on who created it and whether you have a written agreement with them, if necessary.

Employees: An employer owns the copyright in works created by their employees, if created within the scope of his/her employment. But you may still want a written agreement with employees, at least addressing non-disclosure of confidential information.

Independent Contractors and Consultants: By contrast, you will likely need a written agreement between your company and any contractor and/or consultant that expressly transfers the copyright in a graphic work, website design, or advertising copy, etc.

Register your copyright

Copyright protection for a website is relatively inexpensive and worth the price, even if only as insurance.Yes, copyright is established at creation, but in order to enforce a copyright in the U.S., you must have a registration issued by the U.S. Copyright Office.

 Notify readers of your copyright

A copyright notice symbol may be used for registered and unregistered works. (This is different from trademarks, where there is a distinction between the notice for registered marks and the notice for unregistered marks.) At a minimum, a notice should always be followed by a year designating when the work was completed and the name of the copyright holder. You can also add the text “All rights reserved” to communicate to viewers that before any reproduction is made of the materials identified by such copyright notice, permission should be sought from the designated owner.

 © YEAR Created. Copyright Owner Name. All rights reserved.